ADESA Benefits & Services

Access to Information on African Events and Activities:

ADESA members can access information on local and transnational events or activities by referring to the community knowledgebases provided on the site. You can also follow events and activities for specialist groups of interest.

Network with Other Data Engineering and Science Professionals:

ADESA allows you to engage and stay in contact with other like-minded professionals in the field, in all parts of Africa. The association provides forums for discussing standards and best practices relevant to the profession. Through ADESA you can find colleagues with similar interests and levels of commitment. You are able to network extensively with peers and share work experiences, joining groups to participate in discussions aligned with your technical interests, and collaborate on projects.

Establish a Professional Profile and Keep Technically Current:

ADESA allows you to establish an e-profile that can be used to highlight your professional accomplishments in data science, cyber-security and data engineering. You update your profile as needed to reflect your professional progress in the various fields of work.

Advance your Professional Education & Enhance your Career Recognition:

ADESA University provides educational pathways for up-skilling and re-skilling in key areas of data science, data engineering and cyber/information security. ADESA’s continuing practitioner-oriented training helps members stay current and influential within their professional domains. The programs and their courses are suitably customized to reflect the African context and learning requirements. The training fosters career progression and enhances professional recognition.


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