Initial Paper Submission for Screening and Review – Document formatting Instructions


Papers should be word-processed in Arial typeface, 11-point font.  They should be double-spaced, on A4-size paper. Writing should appear on only one side of the paper, be fully justified and with each page being numbered in the footer, and the page numbering centered.

The opening page should be formatted as follows –

Provide hierarchical numbering (1, 1.1, 1.1.1 etc. …) for each section, with the Introduction section being the first.

Section headings and sub-headings  within sections should  be  capitalized (i.e.,  nouns,  verbs,  and  all  other words except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions should be set with an initial capital) and should, with the exception  of the title, be aligned to the left. Words joined by a hyphen are subject to a special rule. If the first word can stand  alone, the second word should be capitalized.

Figures and other illustrations should be centered and given figure numbers and suitable captions, with “source” indications where relevant.

Displayed  equations  or formulas should be centered  and set on a separate line (with an extra  line or half-line space above  and  below).  Displayed  expressions  should  be numbered  for reference. The numbers  should be consecutive  within  each section or within  the contribution, with numbers  enclosed in parentheses and set on the right margin 

If using footnotes – the  superscript numeral  used to refer to a footnote  should appear  in the  text  either directly after the word to be discussed or, in relation  to a phrase or a sentence – following the punctuation sign (comma,  semicolon, or period).  Footnotes should appear  at  the  bottom of the  normal  text area,  with  a line of about 2 cm set immediately above them.

For  citations in the text  please  use square  brackets  and  consecutive  numbers: [1], [2], [4].

The references list should be given the “References” or “Bibliography” sub-heading and have numbered entries to correspond to the in-text citations.  The standard formats for each numbered item can be based loosely on Harvard notation, as shown in the examples shown below –


Send the paper via e-mail, as an attachment, to, with a cover note in the message body.  Within the cover note, specify the contact name and e-mail address for the lead author.  The lead author will also be responsible for completing the copyright form, on behalf of the other authors, if a paper is accepted for publication.

Note that as part of the initial screening process, all paper submissions will be run through anti-plagiarism checkers, to assure originality of the content.

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