Country Chapter Manager(s)


Mubanga Lawrence Chanda
Country Chairperson (Zambia)



Kingston Ali Mwila
Country Vice-Chairperson (Zambia)

Kingston Ali Mwila is a Digital Transformation Strategist, Consultant in IT and Cyber-Security with over 18 years of experience. He holds a number of leadership and advisory positions in various organizations. He is experienced with multidisciplinary business systems, and has held senior management positions in Mining and Exploration, Telecoms/ICT Services, Logistics and Transportation, hospitality, teaching and education, media and entertainment.

Kingston is the author of the published book “Everyday Digital & Lifestyle Transformation: A Panacea For Productivity”. He is also the Author and Columnist of the only Technology column in Zambia which has featured in national print media via the “Times of Zambia” since 2015. Overall he has published over 200 articles. He has contributed articles in the Zambia Chartered Institute of Accountancy (ZCAS) Journal. He co-Hosted a Radio Tech Show on Money FM Radio called TechTalk, and was a Guest Presenter at DC Talk Radio on “Talk on Tech”, and has appeared on Q TV Zambia. He has delivered speeches at conferences, seminars and workshops on various technology issues. In 2018 he received an award from the Information and Communication Technology Association of Zambia for his significant contributions to the country.

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